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Lithography / engraving

Eloïse Van der Heyden

Past: January 15 → February 28, 2015

The Gallery Catherine Putman present for the first time the work of Eloïse Van der Heyden.

This young artist prints hand knotted threads of fabrics whereby inscribes itself the human spirit faced with the test of time and wear and tear. She sees in the aura of these textiles a way of speaking about human ties that we create and which come apart throughout years. Whatever the weight of the matrix object, once its trace is left on paper, it abandons its material reality and provokes a sensation of ascension.

“Éloïse Van der Heyden works the engraving just like a net thrown out into the water, adjusting threads of stitches according to what she seeks to capture. Printed nature-size, her images resemble, above all, fairly close reflections — sometimes almost photographic — of the textiles common to so many cultures, but the transfer on paper and the modifications which she realises often on the same plate give them the strangeness, an aura that intrigues and turns them into shrouds.”

Vincent Huguet, March 2014

The works of Eloïse Van der Heyden, prints of fabrics, prayer mats, christening dresses, traditional clothes, are the memory of the humans, of their work, of their rituals, they are presented as a play on a trace, a reminder of what is buried within ourselves (the part of the other sex, the part of childhood…)


Eloïse Van der Heyden was born in 1983 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, and is of Belgian origin. She graduated from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 2009. She attends Michael Woolworth’s workshop at Bastille, and the publishing workshop of Beaux Arts of Paris.

  • Opening Thursday, January 15, 2015 6 PM → 9 PM
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