Elsa Cha — Dans mes bois étranges


Drawing, installation, painting

Elsa Cha
Dans mes bois étranges

Past: January 15 → February 15, 2011

The exhibition will present an installation of some forty artificial flowers onto which I painted and drew as well as a dozen large-sized drawings and a text.

The flowers, of various heights, stems planted into foam rubber bases, will be presented in groups in various spots of the gallery. Some will cast their shadows onto the walls.

“You had the smell of my souvenirs”, a text written by me, will be retroprojected onto the gallery’s central 4 m high back wall.

The drawings and the installation will be a conceptual or symbolic echo to the text.

My aim is to continue to deal with confronting the themes of the body and of nature through various stagings. Since all the elements of the exhibition interplay, it enables me to present my personal world on a sort of path, to invite the visitor to stroll along with me.

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