Emmanuel Le Cerf — I keep hell clean for your return


Installation, sculpture, mixed media, video

Emmanuel Le Cerf — I keep hell clean for your return

Past: January 28 → February 28, 2017

Emmanuel Le Cerf’s works operate as a bypass circuit to one’s perception, involving an « infra-voyance » phenomena: the images selfgenerate from the signal translation and dialogue there is between the photoreceptive prosthetics, the invisible projections whose perception depends on infrared cameras’ interpretation, the imperceptible waves translated into images and then into sound, and the vocabulary intensity-images use once extracted from the continuous flow of virtual beatitude. Compensating — by revealing the blind spots — for the deficiencies of a human perception trapped by the parameterised immediacy of the contemporary hyper-vision, Emmanuel Le Cerf’s works operate as deferred perspectives. His works question the images’ figurability and the desirous and mediacrazed momentum that informs its experience.

For his first solo exhibition at Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro, the artist conceived an environment where perception is summoned in its instrumental nature, without restricting it to a specific sphere of activity: the combination of works is evocative of a technology-based utilitarianism and of its sightless vision/understanding, while also leaving its true purpose as an enigma hovering in the air. Latency spaces are defined in the gap there is between a sensation of inactivity and the mediatized discovery of fluxes becoming words, images and faces. Once the technique is decrypted, the puzzling images used for this display remain: the ecstatic faces cut out from the crowd, the “bee-man”, the facial expression of an actor from an Orson Welles’s movie that was never made, the vocabulary of luminous phobias with no suffix, the Bosch paintings gutted from their infernal creatures. Their sporadic presence unveils as the subliminal residues of an attempt to dismantle vision so as to turn on perception.

Clara Guislain
  • Opening Saturday, January 28, 2017 9 PM → 4 PM
Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery Gallery
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