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Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés

Past: November 6 → December 5, 2015

Emmanuelle Colboc has been designing buildings for thirty years, driven by the conviction that architecture is first and foremost about people. For her, her partners and her colleagues, the questions raised by this credo are vast because they touch on lifestyles, uses, construction quality and the art of integrating a building into its surroundings.

During the process of bringing a new building into the world, Emmanuelle Colboc believes in an architecture that is at peace with its environment and which gives occupants a feeling of serenity and security through the way the building fits into its location, through the use of sensual materials you can’t resist touching, through the friendly presence of greenery, and through the interplay between light and shade, between scales, between filters, between the interior and the exterior… She speaks of all these things freely, with conviction and sensitivity.

But, in today’s world, it is difficult to practice a profession based on expertise and convictions without making too many concessions. Architecture is no exception to this rule: as a complex metier in a world that no longer appears to believe in specialization, it often has to swim against the tide.

Three films and a book presenting Emmanuelle Colboc’s work accompany the exhibition.

  • Opening Friday, November 6, 2015 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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