Emmanuelle Léonard — Le Déploiement


Film, photography, video

Emmanuelle Léonard
Le Déploiement

Ends in about 2 months: June 9 → November 14, 2023

Deployment presents a body of work undertaken by Emmanuelle Léonard during a research residency in the Canadian Far North sponsored by the Canadian Forces Artists Program. A continuation of the artist’s photographic and videographic projects from the past fifteen years, which focused on the hierarchies that form within social, judiciary, military and religious systems, this group of works pursues her interest in the function of authority and the mechanisms by which it is circumvented or undermined.

With this exhibition, Léonard addresses a diverse set of realities: strategic military deployment in a region of the world where the national, political and economic stakes have been raised by climate change; young adults committed to the collective values of the army while remaining intent upon their own personal quest; the Inuit Rangers, without whose contribution one could not learn how to survive in such cold; the innocence of the soldiers’ awe before the grandeur of the northern landscape.