Endetter et punir — Le Printemps des Laboratoires #6


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Endetter et punir
Le Printemps des Laboratoires #6

Past: September 15 → 16, 2018

The weekend of 15–16 September will be the culmination of the discussions begun in 2017 on the theme of Le Printemps des Laboratoires #6: Debt and Punishment (Endetter et punir).

Rather than focusing solely on the financial aspect that is the crux of so much current political debate, we will emphasise the fact that political and economic thinking are inseparable; and that apart from its relationship with money, debt affects our behaviour and our innermost being in ways that cost us certain personal freedoms. Debt constitutes, in other words, a power structure that models and governs our lifestyles. So, if it is an intrinsic part of our individual and social lives — born indebted, we pass the syndrome on to future generations — we need to start thinking about fashioning new, non-oppressive human subjectivities.

Taking issue with the fatalistically accepted “infinite debt” bequeathed to us by modernity, and with its economic system and a moral code rooted in guilt and fear, we want to explore strategies of resistance and struggle: potential sources of new horizons, new modes of community, different approaches to attentiveness — anything that can help us decolonise our thinking and decapitalise and depatriarchalise our social structures.


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The artists

  • Emmanuelle Chérel
  • Olga De Soto
  • Josep Rafanell I Orra
  • Jeanne Burgart Goutal
  • Margaux Le Donné
  • Séverine Kodjo Grandvaux
  • Robert Steijn
  • Ricardo Rubio
  • Yayo Herrero
  • Ndongo Samba Sylla