Ennemi public — Exposition collective


Architecture, urban art, collage, drawing...

Ennemi public
Exposition collective

Past: January 12 → February 16, 2013

Magda Danysz Gallery presents group exhibition Ennemi public with a lot of artists as Mat Collishaw, mounir fatmi, Jackie Summel or Vhils.

This exhibition which combines artists’ works from different backgrounds asks the question to know who is “the Public Enemy” today. Around this question, their works talk about the confinement, destruction or vandalism to understand and discern “the public enemy” today. Ennemi public exibition highlights the strength of art in the service of a moral, social and even political speech.

Magda Danysz Gallery Gallery
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78, rue Amelot

75011 Paris

T. 01 45 83 38 51 — F. 01 45 83 38 51


Saint-Sébastien – Froissart

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM

The artists

  • Maleonn
  • Mounir Fatmi
  • Joanna Malinowska
  • Luc Mattenberger
  • Mat Collishaw
  • Vhils
  • Jackie Summel
  • Jean Michel Plancin