Espaces Conceptuels — Conceptual Spaces


Painting, mixed media

Espaces Conceptuels
Conceptual Spaces

Past: June 20 → September 22, 2012

The exhibition shows different expressions of concept and representations of space in post-war Italian art through 20 selected works.

From the conceptual explorations into 3-D in the canvases of Lucio Fontana to the geopolitical images of the world by Alighiero Boetti; from the dreamlike, metaphorical landscape found in the works of Giorgio de Chirico to the use of light as a way of creating space in Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi, these works can be seen as the forerunners of numerous movements in contemporary art.

Tornabuoni Art Gallery
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8, rue de la Paix

75002 Paris

T. 01 53 53 51 51 — F. 01 53 53 51 50

Franklin D.Roosevelt

Opening hours

Every day except Sunday, 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

The artists

  • Giorgio De Chirico
  • Alighiero Boetti
  • Valerio Adami
  • Enrico Castellani
  • Lucio Fontana
  • Agostino Bonalumi
  • Dadamaino

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