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Etel Adnan
New Prints

Past: November 26, 2015 → January 30, 2016

The pictorial works of Etel Adnan, which have recently been exhibited in museums around the world (Ireland, Austria, the United Arab Emirates and the United States), were the subject of two exhibitions at Gallery Lelong in Paris and New York at the beginning of 2015. Today it is her work on paper that is being showcased. This new, more intimate, exhibition in the gallery bookshop presents some drawings as well as a selection of prints recently published by Lelong Editions. These are the artist’s first engravings, and they return to the simple themes that are so important to her: fruit bowls, mountains, forest, inkwells. All are drawn in black, with great sensitivity and skill, sometimes embellished with watercolours.

Etel adnan mount tamalpais medium
Etel Adnan, Mount Tamalpais, 2015 Gravure aquarellée — 38 × 56 cm Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Lelong, Paris — Photo © Fabrice Gibert


Etel Adnan was born in 1925 in Beirut, to a Greek mother from Izmir and a Syrian father. After studying at the Sorbonne, Berkeley and Harvard, she chose to teach philosophy in California until 1972. She subsequently travelled between various places with which she has a special affinity: Lebanon, the United States and France, before she settled in Paris, where she has lived, written and painted ever since.

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