Eurasia. A View on Painting



Eurasia. A View on Painting

Past: November 27, 2014 → February 7, 2015

Ali banisadr grid Eurasia — Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Pantin Avec Eurasia, la galerie Thaddaeus Ropac renoue avec la tradition des expositions thématiques en puisant au cœur de son catalogue d’artistes pour imposer une proposition de haute tenue. Une fois de plus, l’espace d’exposition épuré et à la hauteur d’ambitions fortes parvient à créer une exposition d’envergure qui pourrait faire date.

The group exhibition Eurasia. A View on Painting brings together the works of 16 artists across different genres and styles.

In light of this confrontation between various subject matters and approaches, it remains evident how deeply rooted each artist is in his culture, past and present, addressing issues of universal interest. This painting exhibition focuses on the possible junctions and their repercussions from East to West and West to East, spanning from Europe to Asia.

The gallery has invited Norman Rosenthal to work on the concept, the narrative and the installation of this exhibition. In the essay he wrote for the catalogue of the exhibition, he states : “We wish to concentrate the imagination on the landmass Eurasia that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Paris to Shanghai via Berlin, Tehran and Moscow. The name of these towns evoke beautiful memories of the once openness of the cultural migrations of people and ideas, cross fertilizations through once easily permeable borders (…) Painting especially has a universal language that exists both beyond and above the power of speech (…) It can emphasise potentials of unity and diversity. This exhibition should be seen as a modest but equally ambitious demonstration of this in our fleeting moment in time. Artists gathered here come from many of the extremities of the great landmass Eurasia: from China, Pakistan and India, from Poland, France, Germany and Britain, with Russia and Iran representing the great central areas. It is a beautiful fact that, in spite of all obstacles, poetic ideas expressed in painting continue, even today, to find ways of crossing borders. If the Silk Route, at least as it once was, has passed into history, new ways of communication still triumph. Painting as a form of art continues to make waves across continents.”

An illustrated catalogue with an essay by Norman Rosenthal will be published soon.

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