F… moi la paix — Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran et Abdul Rahman Katanani


Mixed media

F… moi la paix
Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran et Abdul Rahman Katanani

Past: June 8 → August 20, 2023

Galerie analix forever 13 1 grid F… moi la paix — Galerie Analix Forever, Genève Fruit d'une réflexion continue et nourrie autour des représentations de la paix, de ses conditions morales et de ses enjeux esthétiques, Barbara Polla propose au sein de sa galerie Analix Forever une exposition collective des artistes Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran et Abdul Rahman Katanani.

Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran, and Abdul Rahman Katanani are four major artists who have experienced war, civil war, and camps, sometimes for decades — four artists whose works have been deeply influenced by armed conflicts and their aftermath, which have become essential memorial elements in their creation.
Analix Forever now invites these four artists to create something different: free works that could, perhaps, resemble peace or, at least, evoke it.

In 1932, Freud, in his response to Einstein who asked him about the pacification of the world, presented the instinct for life, éros — the creative impulse, would we say — as an essential drive for peace, with “the development of culture“ as a mean to promote it.
In 1984, the editorial board of “Oui la philosophie“ (Claire Margat, Bertrand Ogilvie, …) wrote: “To try to think peace is to refuse the game of terror that never ceases to exclude individuals from reflection in order to plunge them into daze.”

Peace? We conceive it as a kind of insurrection, of resistance, which requires incredible efforts: a committed micro-politics. And paraphrasing Freud we say: everything that works for the development of free creations also works for peace.

Barbara Polla and the artists

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The artists

  • Abdul Rahman Katanani
  • Ayman Baalbaki
  • Said Baalbaki
  • Serwan Baran