Fabian Knecht — Mit dem Herz voran


Painting, photography, video

Fabian Knecht
Mit dem Herz voran

Past: November 24, 2011 → January 7, 2012

For his first solo show at the Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Fabian Knecht will present a set of recent pieces, most of which were purposely produced for the exhibition.

Born in 1980, Fabian Knecht first established his creative practice as a filmaker, shooting numerous video clips and documentaries on music concerts and roadshows. First studying under Olafur Eliasson guidance at the University of the Arts Berlin, then at the Art Institute of California, he is about to collaborate with Matthew Barney.

The translation of «Mit dem Herz VORAN» does not only bring the heart — das Herz — to the fore, but also stresses that it is the engine of motion. «Voran» in German evokes both the idea of progress and of starting, it is as much a sports as an offensive motto. As one would say «head first», here is «heart in mind.». This is a poetic image and thus cannot be literally translated, however the importance of action is emphasized.

Indeed, the artistic practice of Knecht unfolds under the double sign of action and diversion. That is to say, misuse of authority, not as a simple demonstration of Anarchism or pure provocation — because it omits the part of hazard that the artist agrees to take in the progression of his work — but as debunking operation par excellence,a pure poetic act.

If the practice of Knecht is often immaterial and the few traces of past works come as photographs and videos, his actions also take shape in a day to day workshop practice, in his series of «acrylic». These coded images, pixelated paintings, are in fact blurred by the frosted glass. And presented in the simpliest way, paintings cast doubt with the benefit to remind the illusionary part of any image.

A brilliant operation of demystification — quite typical of the Berlin scene — gives birth to freed and realistic works. His works are narrative but also ask for the involvement of the viewer. Knecht manages to substitute activism for a creative language, tinged with poetry, strangeness and irony, without repetition. The work of Knecht achieves that rare balance between realism of the action and pure poetry.

Excerpt from a text by Aude Itting.
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