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New media, painting

Fabien Boitard
La Lumière est verte

Past: May 28 → July 26, 2014

Galerie derouillon fabien boitard la battue 2014 grid Fabien Boitard — Galerie Derouillon Fabien Boitard nous aura prévenus. En apposant des grilles en couches épaisses de peinture noire de jais sur l’une de ses toiles, i... 3 - Bravo Critique

What are the motivations of a young painter in the early twenty-first century? Almost exactly the same as those which inspired his elders yesterday or the day before yesterday: “What I can see from my window? What I can tell the world?” says Fabien Boitard about what led him to start a canvas.

Out of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bourges with honors, the question of choice of medium has never asked for it. Paint against all odds, here’s a challenge that does not suffer any hesitation. He knows the plasticity of painting without limitations and infinite resources. To answer the imperious desire to transmit the complex range of emotions he feels about a situation, a landscape or a relationship, Fabien Boitard adopts a heterogeneous style. He explains: “We do not face the same relation to a house, a tree or a person, so why bring it by the same way of painting”.

So he refuses to attach to a single style. He prefers to play with the material and juxtaposed in a single canvas, mixed media, as he wants to convey, for example, a feeling of happiness, surprise or anger… It thus confronts different time and conflicting moods. His enigmatic formal reconciliations, sometimes jarring, often intriguing, require a polyphonic reading of the image. It is usually based on a photograph taken or not he himself. But it may as well paint directly on the ground or create an original composition. Anyway, it is readily coexist on the same surface a blur of splashes, graffiti bombing plots, drawings and even a glaze. He explains: “All the ways of asking the paint on the canvas interest me. By matter, the image makes sense.” He added: “More than the subject, it is the atmosphere that I try to define.” And there is no doubt that at first glance his paintings rout.

Galerie derouillon fabien boitard vue depuis latelier n3 2010 medium
Fabien Boitard, Vue depuis l’atelier n°3, 2010 Huile sur toile — 108 × 154 cm Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Derouillon, Paris

The framing, the themes, visual associations, the colors used, all out of the ordinary: “I want my painting to do react”, says one whose portraits can be bleeding and external view crossed out with rage. The nature and become obsessed Boitard Fabien, who lives in Montpellier campaign. What up man he give him tomorrow? How does it occupy his imagination then? How to continue to dream in a society where everything becomes a commodity? It says “not wanting to be in the demonstration, but seek some tension”. That is, watermark, red thread that runs a series to another. Convey ideas without seeming to. Boasting an ultra subjectivity and share their questions through powerful and strong compositions, is, for him, a major challenge.

Elisabeth Couturier
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