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Fabienne Bulle Architecte & Associés
La boîte à outils

Past: April 19 → May 18, 2013

Drawings: outline and illustrative, collages: simple and layered, words: prosaic and poetic, models: layout and depictive but also excerpts from encounters, texts, journeys; objects from here and there, picked up by chance and kept for their beauty or the story behind them… Fabienne Bulle uses every one of these tools to translate her architectural ideas, to bring them to maturity. To impart them to others, too, so they can be appropriated by all those involved in a project, all those without whom the alchemy of architectural design and construction cannot work.

Like an artisan, she loves “opening” her tool chest and explaining her work to those who share her commitment to architecture and who visit her Montrouge studio or attend her lectures at the ESA.

During this exhibition at the galerie d’architecture she opens this chest to a wider public, who will be able to share the passion for architecture that has guided and motivated her imagination, her ideas and her projects throughout her 30-year career.

  • Opening Thursday, April 18, 2013 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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