Fabienne Verdier — Ainsi la nuit



Fabienne Verdier
Ainsi la nuit

Past: November 22, 2018 → January 19, 2019

For her first exhibition of paintings at Galerie Lelong & Co., Fabienne Verdier has chosen two new series of works that she describes thus:

“The first series, Ainsi la nuit, is inspired by the quartet composed by Henri Dutilleux. In 2017, I worked with a young quartet in the Visitation Chapel (Aix-en-Provence), which we transformed in a laboratory cum workshop for a few weeks. As I listened to this fascinating piece, the nocturnal undulations and the pizzicato of the strings set off in my mind this vision of scintillation, crackling, glissando and counterpoints. This series is the fruit of two years of work during which time the abstract structures of music have gradually enriched the pictorial experience. The second series, Energie blanche, evokes the kinetic energies that surround us. On vertical dyptiques, I imagined a meander through the dynamic of fluids, air or wind currents, ocean waves and rivers, illustrating the turbulence and the sometimes tempestuous movements of the forces of nature. A vision of the atmospheric manifestation of our small planet, and in the same way, a realisation of its frailness, its unique beauty in our galaxy."

A catalogue with texts by Anne de Staël, Corinna Thierolf and Hubert Looser will be published.


Fabienne Verdier was born in Paris in 1962. Her work is regularly exhibited in Europe and Asia and features in a number of collections, including the MNAM Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Munich) and the Hubert Looser Foundation and the Kunsthaus in Zurich. The Granet museum in Aix en Provence is preparing a retrospective for summer 2019.

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