Fabrice Gygi — Quelques nouvelles…


Painting, sculpture

Fabrice Gygi
Quelques nouvelles…

Past: February 3 → March 16, 2024

Some news…

Some news of states, of moments.

A state in good condition,
a bad condition at the right moment,
a bad moment for a good state.
The states; from rupture to rupture make their way and the mind looks for a coherent line, a reassuring line, a handrail, a guardrail.

Some news…

Some news of water.

Of water turned into snow,
of snow turned into ice,
a popsicle turned into watercolors.
Of straight, thick lines that intersect.
I don’t like cages, even less grids and crosses, and I still negotiate curves just as badly, at an angle of ninety degrees, always appreciated and oblique.

Some news…

Some news of fat.

Of teeth marks in a stick of butter,
of grease on the telephone mirror,
a blade in the fat which does not want to cross swords, like the blades under a skier’s feet,
I paint like him, engraving the surface, and crossing his lines against those of the other.

Some news…

Some news of yellow.

The yellow of the one who grows, marked with the iron seals of the motto “Lux”.
A light that superimposes itself without adhering to the Teflon of a day that keeps repeating itself.

Fabrice Gygi/Darse, January 26, 2024

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