Family & Friends


Urban art, collage, drawing, film...

Family & Friends

Past: November 10 → December 22, 2012

Backslash is proud to announce Family & Friends, a new exhibition to celebrate the gallery’s two-year anniversary. Works by the gallery’s artists and guest artists invite viewers on a formal and emotional journey based on the encounters of the last few years and the affinities woven by this generation.

The gallery’s history has been built on these encounters. Works from the ten artists Backslash represents have created an environment of friendship and trust. The fact that these artists hail from such different universes reflects the gallery’s eclectic approach to programming and desire for openness. Ever since Backslash first opened its doors, it has stayed true to an approach based on openness to others, particularly via its blog. The blog is where we talk about exhibitions by artists whose work we like and whom we support. We would like the Backslash anniversary to mirror this approach. Between them, the artists represented by the gallery and the guest artists have created a true reflection of the gallery with a generous exhibition rooted in the subjective exploration of contemporary artistic production.

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