Faye Toogood — Solo Show



Faye Toogood
Solo Show

Past: April 29 → June 28, 2014

Rising star of British design, long standing editor at World of Interiors, renowned for her set productions for Comme des Garçons, Tom Dixon and Alexander McQueen, Faye Toogood has designed for Galerie BSL the ‘Caged Elements’ collection, that combines a coffee table, a floor lamp and a throne-like seat. The other works presented during the show were chosen from Faye Toogood’s “Assemblage Three” collection.

The solo shows presents the unicity and the genetic code of Faye Toogood’s work through a vast diversity of pieces. Faye Toogood has been successful in imposing a clearly defined visual language since her first collection in 2011. The simple square, sphere and triangle shapes are fundamental elements in her vocabulary, elegantly forming geometric combinations. The minimalistic design in a constructivist spirit is highlighted by the contrast between colours and materials: mesh in black steel or golden patinated brass, deep blue resin, bronze patinated blue or green-grey, English walnut, hard stones from Great Britain and Italy.

Faye toogood galerie bsl 2014 caged elements chair 2 medium
Faye Toogood, Caged Elements Chair, 2013 Seat Brass, English Hopton White stone, foam sphere — 210 × 70 × 59 cm — edition of 8 © Faye Toogood & galerie BSL

The ever-present tension between solid and void, positive and negative, masculine and feminine fuels a personal vision demonstrating sophistication and elegant simplicity. A sense of timelessness and permanence is central, conveyed by clean primary shapes, the authenticity of the materials and the weight of each piece matching their large dimensions.

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