Fee Kleiss — Collaboration : Galerie Maria Lund & SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY (Berlin)


Ceramic, installation, new media, painting...

Fee Kleiss
Collaboration : Galerie Maria Lund & SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY (Berlin)

Past: October 18 → 25, 2020

For the MARAIS ART WEEK and LE PARI de l’art Galerie Maria Lund has the pleasure of welcoming the Berlin gallery SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY who presents a selection of artworks by Fee Kleiss.

What is the sound of a pineapple? How does it ring with the noise of a watermelon? And with a carrot? Is the beat of a carrot a good follow-up? Is a peach mousse a decent finale or is it better to bang on a metallic box to hear the resonance of the void? Does the frustration of a bridled horse with a noseband increase when it sees a grapefruit tree or is it dreaming of a nice ciggie? And love, what about the country of love? Is it in reality a pink garlic-colored soft body on which an old toothbrush is resting?

Hard to answer all these questions where metaphysics, poetry and imagination meet, where emotions, matters, sounds, words and juices interact. Because in fact everything is probably interconnected, beyond our usual classifications and logic. Fee Kleiss is fascinated by possible links. She finds objects and waste in order to create a conversation between them; first as an attentive mediator and then as an almighty artistic director, who decides, rejects, modifies, sets and narrates. Mural installations are thus born — small still-lives or more precisely reanimated lives — and paintings with an unsettling perspective, which add or are being added to volumes, objects.

Words are not far away. Fee Kleiss tells stories, plays with concepts and implicit words in her findings; all are questioned and diverted. The creativity is immense and brings life to a new vitality in things that were set aside, forgotten, lost. A little something can make a world. Humor, tenderness, eroticism, drama, beauty and rejection intertwine; the artist leads us along like a child who is eager to find a playmate. Observing contemporary society, its obsessions, expressions, its politically correctness… Nothing is left behind! And in a playful manner. A comprehensive artistic sense unfolds in a delicate and luminous palette. Fee Kleiss is a skilful composer. Her works ‘sound right’ while opening onto new universes. She has enlarged the dollhouse, opened it to the world on all sides.

Certain artworks are quite loaded, yet without any cacophony; they are lively and inviting. It is recommended to sneak in — in 2 or 3 dimensions, to listen, delve, participate.

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