Festival Caliwood — Projections, lectures, rencontres


Urban art, film, sound - music, video

Festival Caliwood
Projections, lectures, rencontres

Past: March 30 → April 1, 2016

The Fondation Cartier is joining forces with the Christine 21 movie theater in Paris for a festival devoted to Cali, a vibrant Colombian city besotted with youth, salsa and cinema in the 1970s.


From Wednesday, March 30th to Friday, April 1st at 8 pm

Includes Luis Ospina, Sandro Romero Rey and a look back at The Cali Group (Andrés Caicedo, Carlos Mayolo, etc.)
[Screenings, lectures, meetings]

Webnesday 30th March, 8pm

Todo comenzó por el fin (2015)
by Luis Ospina, in the presence of the director
208 min, original version, French subtitles — Unseen film in France

Thursday, 31st March, 8pm

Calidéoscope Night
In the presence of Luis Ospina and Sandro Romero Rey
Readings by Brontis Jodorowsky
(Approximately 110 min).The program will be followed by a Colombian cocktail.
Screened films:
Pura Sangre (1982) by Luis Ospina (extract)
Carne de tu carne (1983) by Carlos Mayolo (extract)
La mansión de Araucaíma (1986) by Carlos Mayolo (extract)
Adios a Cali (1990) by Luis Ospina (50 min, original version, French subtitles)

Friday 1st April, 8pm

Discussion between the directors Luis Ospina and Barbet Schroeder
(Approximately 45 min) followed by the screening of
La desazón suprema: retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo (2003) by Luis Ospina
90 min, original version, French subtitles



Buy tickets at Christine 21 movie theater — 4, rue Christine 75006 Paris — “Odéon” or “Saint-Michel” metro stations.
Regular admission: 8 € / Reduced admission: 6 € (under 20, seniors, unemployed) / Student: 5 € (upon presentation of student card).

Information and reservations at the Fondation Cartier: +33 1 42 28 56 35.

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T. 01 42 18 56 50 — F. 01 42 18 56 52

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Opening hours

Every day except Monday, 11 AM – 8 PM
Late night on Tuesday until 10 PM

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Full rate €10,50 — Concessions €7.00

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The artists

  • Luis Ospina
  • Sandro Romero Rey
  • Andrés Caicedo
  • Carlos Mayolo