festival international du livre de photographie de Kassel au BAL


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festival international du livre de photographie de Kassel au BAL

Past: April 20 → 22, 2012

Livre original grid Festival international du livre de photographie de Kassel au BAL Du 20 au 22 avril, la 5ème édition du Festival International du Livre de Photographie de Kassel s'efface devant la Documenta et se déplace à Paris, sur l'invitation du BAL.

Since its first edition in 2008 the photobook festival has established itself as the international event around photobook editions.

The last decade has seen the photobook conquer its just place in the photography world, revealing bit by bit an influence and filiation network between photographers. The publications «books on books» bring out another political, social and cultural history of photography.

How to conceive, produce and spread a photobook today ?
The festival has become a laboratory of reflection on photobook nowadays’ stake, a transforming territory, but also an essential encounter platform between the public, the editors, the graphic designers, the photographers, the critics and the collectors.

Several upbeats will regulate this fifth edition : an exhibition of the best books of the year, selectioned by 35 world experts, the winner of the dummy award, which reward the more successful model; a book market, which group together ten young international editors; twelve conferences with photographers, artists, editors from all over the world.

18 Montmartre Zoom in 18 Montmartre Zoom out

6, impasse de la Défense

75018 Paris

T. 01 44 70 75 50


Place de Clichy

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday, noon – 7 PM
Late night on Wednesday until 10 PM

Admission fee

Full rate €7.00 — Concessions €5.00

The artists

  • Todd Hido
  • Éric Baudelaire
  • Oliver Sieber
  • Joachim Schmid
  • Gerry Badger
  • Laurence Aëgerter
  • Chris Boot
  • Markus Schaden
  • Remi Coignet
  • Jason Fulford
And 6 others…