Filigranes @ Filles du Calvaire — 30 ans d’édition



Filigranes @ Filles du Calvaire
30 ans d’édition

Past: June 29 → July 27, 2019

Galerie Les filles du calvaire celebrates “30 ans d’édition de Filigranes” from June 29th to July 27th, 2019 through an exhibition composed of a set of more than sev-enty-five photographs (images from books), published books presented like mini library lounges in the gallery, limited editions, loop screenings of short films of inter-views with photographers in which everyone talks about their the interest of see-ing their work printed in the pages of a book, books being made by printers….

Filigranes’ Editions pursue an original and audacious path for specializing in photo-graphic and artist publishing. The editorial choices go from well-known authors to first books. Founded thirty years ago by Patrick Le Bescont, Filigranes published more than six hundred and fifty titles. Its editorial approach is to combine images and writings in unique books, crossing the sights and sensitivities of contemporary photographers, artists and writers, without rejecting styles or genres.

  • Opening Saturday, June 29, 2019 3 PM → 8 PM
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17, rue des Filles-du-calvaire

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T. 01 42 74 47 05 — F. 01 42 74 47 06

Filles du Calvaire

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