Florence Lazar — Tu crois que la Terre est chose morte...



Florence Lazar
Tu crois que la Terre est chose morte...

Past: February 12 → June 2, 2019

Florence Lazar (born in Paris in 1966) is an artist, a filmmaker and a photographer. Her work focuses on creating awareness of minority narratives in specific geographical and social contexts. Investigation and attention to the way in which a story is passed on are central to her work.

The Florence Lazar exhibition at the Jeu de Paume provides a perspective on her work through a selection of films and photographs from 2000 to the present day. At the end of the 1990s, after the wars in former Yugoslavia, Florence Lazar grabbed a video camera and went to the scene. She had an urge to understand what had been going on in this country, which she felt close to because of her family history but at the same time foreign to because she lived in France and did not speak the language. But this is how she came to take up documentary as a genre and why it became a permanent feature of her work.

She made a series of films on different situations arising out of the conflict in former Yugoslavia (the end of the war, the fall of Milošević, the founding of a special tribunal in Belgrade to try war crimes, and an attempt to rewrite history in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia). At the same time, she explored other geographical and social contexts, taking an interest, for example, in the redevelopment of Montfermeil, a town in the suburbs of Paris, or more recently, in the impact of the widespread use of kepone, a pesticide, on banana plantations in the French Antilles. All these works present a re-reading of events and question the notion of transmission in contexts where collective memory is obstructed or expunged. These issues are pursued in her photography work, where she revives national and transnational debates about the period of decolonisation, and fragments of the history of the French self-governing left (la Gauche auto-gestionnaire).

Curator : Sandra Cattini and Dean Inkster

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