Florian Bézu — Golden Age


Mixed media

Florian Bézu
Golden Age

Past: October 14 → November 10, 2012

Florian Bézu recreates here a decaying Golden Age, swinging back and forth between preciosity and makeshift insecurity and fills the space of the gallery with the different universes that nourish him and drive his creation. The epicenter : a construction built up from cardboard boxes and peopled with ceramic fragments of fiction. The artist draws on popular culture, celebrating its symbols and deconstructing its fantasy. The irrational potential of utopist architectures is here repressed, held back, risking collapse at any moment. This modest building is studded with different materials, between miniature chimera and enigmatic toys. From Idyllic times, party leftovers may transport us to a world where dreams come true. The artist borrows pre-existing forms and takes them to unknown places. He brings together bits and pieces, he transforms the matter, and breathes strangeness into each of their realities. Soaked in paint, balls made from party streamers lie strangely inert on a sheet of paper, toilet paper, modeled into volumes of papier mâché becomes motif for wrapping paper, birthday candles melt into haphazard run-off and picture postcards crumble into dust of ruin.

“Golden Age” dreams up fantasies of Bacchanalia and plunges us into a fluctuating world : poetic disintegration or a desire for rebirth?

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  • Florian Bézu