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Photography art fair

Past: November 13 → 15, 2015

The Rendez-vous of the Contemporary Photography Scene

Fotofever’s founding idea is to spread the collecting fever around the most innovative and exciting medium of the art market: photography.

With the attendance and the number of exhibitors constantly rising since its creation, the fourth edition of fotofever paris is preparing a selection, under the artistic supervision of Baudoin Lebon, of a hundred galleries from around the world.

In 2015, the presence of Japanese galleries is always important, with galleries such as Emon Photo Gallery, Zen Foto Gallery and tezukayama gallery. Among the new galleries, Lumiere Brothers Gallery which constitutes the most important private collection of Russian photography, FELD+HAUS from Frankfurt and ZOXX Gallery from the Netherlands. Focusing on France, a new gallery from Montpellier with the participation of galerie annie gabrielli, and for Paris with Maëlle Galerie.

Fotofever david bradford 38th st between 8th ans 7th  1998  courtesy zoxx gallery medium
© David Bradford — United States


fotocollection : a private collection

Each year, fotofever highlights a private collection with an original theme.

Faithfull to fotofever, Galila Barzilaï Hollander, following For Galila Eyes only in 2012 and Cash in 2014, will lend fotofever a selection of photographic artworks on the theme of the chair. 25 photographic works made by internationally renowned artists of the 20th century, completed by five ready made works.

What is more insignificant than a chair ? Here is an object with a totally materialist vocation, its singularity disappears with its function, every day, we don’t even think about it, writes François de Coninck1, the co-curator of « Chair » with Christophe Dosogne2.

For Galila, everything started 10 years ago in New York, during a chance visit to the Armory Show, where she bought her first piece of contemporary art. Since then she has not stopped feeding her passion as a true « artoholic », by collecting art made with new mediums, and especially photography. According to Galila, her collection is her family, and her artworks are her children. Her biggest satisfaction is to discover an unknown but promising artist.

« Buy what you love! Buy it with your guts », her advice which mirrors the fotofever spirit.

1 François de Coninck, art publisher, independent curator

2 Christophe Dosogne, chief editor of the Belgian art magazine COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions (French edition), and general secretary of the Boghossian Foundation


fotoprize 2015: focus on a young talent

With the fotoprize, fotofever promotes young artists and highlights future talents. This contest is opened to graduates of French art schools and offers them the opportunity to unleash their creativity through the medium of photography.

For this 4th edition, fotofever is pleased to reveal the name of the 2015 winner: Juliette-Andréa Elie.

The selection committee, composed of Nathalie Gallon (Artistic Director), Ericka Weidmann (Head Editor of L’Œil de la Photographie), Laure Fauvel (2014 Winner), Baudoin Lebon (Gallery Owner), Éric Karsenty (Head Editor at Fisheye), Olivier Conan (President of coandco Agency), met on March 30th and selected Juliette- Andréa Elie’s Fading Landscapes series among over sixty candidates.

In her series Fading Landscapes, inspired by her travels, Juliette-Andréa reveals how one’s travel memories influences the landscapes from which she produces distorted pictorial images. By a subtle play of photographic overlays, forms arise from the image. Photographs printed on tracing paper and embossed drawings create a halo of ghostly and nebulous forms, which materializes the atmosphere. These translucent images question the photographic medium to reveal the passing of time and the changing of the worlds. Juliette-Andréa Elie positions herself in a plastic approach which reaches beyond the captured moment: through her prints on tracing paper which are then worked with a dry point, each image becomes unique.


Start to collect: a path to initiate

By offering a selection of artworks priced at less than 1000€, exhibited at the entrance of the fair and on each exhibitor’s booth, fotofever accompanies young collectors to start a collection.

Fotofever claudio montecucco immaginando 2014 courtesy romberg photo medium
© Claudio Montecucco — Italie
Carrousel du Louvre Independant
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