Frédéric Bouffandeau — La chute inopinée


Collage, drawing, painting, sculpture...

Frédéric Bouffandeau
La chute inopinée

Past: September 3 → October 2, 2021

Frédéric Bouffandeau is back in Rennes for his second solo exhibition at Galerie Oniris with recent works on paper, canvas and neon.

Color, light and lightness define the works of the artist from Angers. At the heart of his compositions is a singular and imperfect form. It is as much akin to a human cell as it is to a plant or floral form: “alive, supple, sensual, carrying a certain form of poetry” as Frederic Bouffandeau likes to describe it.

He builds and deconstructs this form, playing with solids and voids, opacity and transparency. The form is present in each work but can be seen in different ways. The exploration of a multitude of materials contributes to these infinite variations.

This new exhibition shows the latest developments in the work of Frederic Bouffandeau around a search for lightness and light always more advanced. As evidenced by his latest works made with a multitude of superimposed Japanese papers bringing a real effect of transparency and lightness.

Between the walls of the gallery dialogue neon lights, aluminum sculptures, paintings and works on paper. The relationship between the different materials allows for a better understanding of his work and his research on space and light.

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38 Rue d’Antrain

35700 Rennes

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Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment le matin et le lundi pour les collectionneurs — contactez le 02 99 36 46 06

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