Frédéric Platéus — Phantom Works


Urban art, installation, sculpture

Frédéric Platéus
Phantom Works

Past: June 22 → July 31, 2010

Platéus Generation
Part of the originality of Frédéric Platéus’ work comes from his fascination with certain objects and figures connected to sports, technology and science fiction. The other comes from his going back and forth with the movements that come from popular and urban culture. His sensitivity to the urban environment has made him a “painter of modern life” who cares about words in art, about the object and about reflections. His virtuosity in generating forms makes his works kinds of UFOs in the same way as Proteus IV, the robot in Donald Cammell’s film, who fabricates a geometric body for itself from a cube that can move in space by deploying itself in pyramidal forms. If for many photographers sculpture is virtually present in the way they carve out space, play with contours and frame architecture, for Platéus, the photographs, neon light graffiti and patches refer to sculpture as a dream of a perfect image.

Publication of a book Frédéric Platéus, “Document Evidence”, text by Devrim Bayar.
Coedited by Marion Meyer Contemporain, Paris; Espace Uhoda, Liège; Wallonie Bruxelles International, Brussels. Design by Donuts, Brussels

  • Opening Saturday, June 19, 2010 6 PM → 9 PM
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