From Here to Beyond — Barbara Ryckewaert



From Here to Beyond
Barbara Ryckewaert

Past: January 15 → February 19, 2011

For her debut exhibition at Galerie Yukiko Kawase, Barbara Ryckewaert presents “From Here to Beyond (de l’ici vers l’ailleurs)”, an exhibition of photographs examining the way in which the perception of the particular scene shifts towards an illusion, or a fanciful and mental content.

Ryckerwaert’s photography navigates a territory between imaginary and experience, strange and familiar. Either taken in San Francisco, San Sebastian, Paris, Basque Country, or in French Guiana, the landscapes look as unreal as unfoundable.

Strangely familiar while remaining mysterious and somewhat indecipherable, those pictures are sort of doorways to evacuate, passages for transformation. Such as a ship leaving a port towards “beyond”, the viewers’ attention is carried away from physical dimension to spirit; the association called in Japanese “mitate” = “instituting (tate) by seeing (mi)”. Related to the principle of metaphor or mimesis, it’s a way to construct the inner space where live together the nature and the artificial without antinomy.

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  • Barbara Ryckewaert