Gabriel Leger — Deep Time


Mixed media

Gabriel Leger
Deep Time

Past: January 10 → March 6, 2021

DEEP TIME offers an encounter with the past: before our eyes, ancient objects, long unused, become animated once again, switch back on, come back to life as if welcoming hands were once more stretching out over the space of memory, to link the living of this century and those of distant ages. With this new exhibition around the Mediterranean in the age of antiquity, and in particular Egypt, Gabriel Leger continues his ongoing dialogue between different eras, presenting his archaeological fantasies and inviting us to step onto that greatest and most unfathomable of carousels, that of cyclical time, thanks to which nothing ever truly dies.

DEEP TIME proposes that we reconsider so-called ‘antiquities’ by transposing them into new contexts or returning them to their primary functions: oil lamps to be lit, moulds to be filled, wheat to be consumed. Far from the museum and its protective vitrines, these objects are to be viewed in a wholly different fashion thanks to an artistic gesture that adds a further temporal layer to their stories by bringing them into the present.

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Komunuma, 43 rue de la Commune de Paris

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Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM

The artist

  • Gabriel Leger