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Gaëtan le Penhuel & Associés
Grands formats

Past: March 19 → April 16, 2016

Gaëtan le Penhuel & Associés was created in 1994, following a successful proposal for a Europan 3 project in Reims, and now has around 20 staff.

Twenty years on, having delivered several major projects, we would like to look back on our work through an exhibition at the Galerie d’Architecture, twinned with a special issue of the magazine Archistorm.

Using films projected onto a large screen, we present a selection of the most emblematic buildings we have delivered in recent years, together with a prospective project called «Les Monades urbaines». This theoretical research, the fruit of all our architectural experience, our travels around the world, our dreams, provides a utopian but possible vision of how cities may evolve.

It is this iteration between dream and reality that makes our profession so magical and underlies the satisfaction we still feel, even today, from being architects.

  • Opening Thursday, March 24, 2016 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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