Galeristes, 3e édition — Premier salon imaginé par des collectionneurs


Drawing, installation, lithography / engraving, painting...

Galeristes, 3e édition
Premier salon imaginé par des collectionneurs

Past: November 30 → December 2, 2018

Galeristes salon paris 2018 carreau du temple 1 1 grid Galeristes 2018 — Le Carreau du Temple Le Carreau du Temple accueille du 30 novembre au 2 décembre la troisième édition du salon Galeristes, un rendez-vous qui nous a déjà convaincu et s'impose comme un incontournable de l'automne.

A salon that caters to art dealers who support the new generation of artists by motivating aspiring collectors.


Convinced that ‘no-one is born a collector — they become one,’ Galeristes has fast become the place for gallery owners and art-lovers to meet up and connect in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Located in a welcoming, intimate, non-gallery setting in the Carreau du Temple, Galeristes gives the general public a chance to meet with well-known professional gallery owners, who help bridge the gap between the art world and the public.

In line with this, Galeristes rejects the idea of a gallery as a place accessible only to an elite, by helping establish relationships outside this space which can then eventually continue and indeed flourish in the gallery owners’ natural environment, the gallery.

Galeristes 2017 galerie eric dupont 2 scenographie dominique perrault architecture credit mehdi mendas 1 medium
Vue de Galeriste 2017 © Mehdi Mendas


Each gallery owner creates their own distinctive space, a kind of half-way between an office, a backstage visit to a reserve collection and a curiosity cabinet created by an art-lover, with the help of modular elements created by the Dominique Perrault Architecture agency. A diverse spectrum of galleries was chosen by an anonymous committee of around 20 collectors. This includes Galerie Loevenbruck and Galerie Semiose (both featured at Galeristes since 2016), Galerie Éric Dupont (also present in 2017) and Galerie Béa-Ba (a new gallery participating in the event for the first time).

Galeristes 2016 loevenbruck scenographie dominique perrault architecture credit mehdi mendasbn 1 medium
Galerie Loevenbruck © Mehdi Mendas


Galeristes quickly found its role, centred around a simple ideal shared by many, which is enormously important in the world of art: passionate participation. A million miles from the scandals of an art market that is largely driven by speculators and in which money is king, Galeristes’ vocation is to promote the galleries most closely associated with the current arts scene in France, whilst also offering a great showcase for international contemporary creative talent in all its rich diversity.

● Galeristes’ main aim is to help artists make a living from their work and contribute to the creation of a more equal artistic environment in which art lovers and gallery owners will have a crucial role to play.

● This art fair is also designed to inspire people to start collecting art themselves by featuring original small galleries offering affordable artwork available to buy in up to ten interest-free instalments.

Galeristes 2017 galerie eric dupont scenographie dominique perrault architecture credit mehdi mendas 3 medium
Galerie Eric Dupont © Mehdi Mendas


Carreau du Temple Temporary
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4, rue Eugène Spuller

75003 Paris


Opening hours

Friday & Saturday November 10 & 11, 11am-8pm —Sunday November 12, 11am-8pm

Admission fee

Full rate €16.00 — Concessions €8.00

Gratuit moins de 18 ans