Gare du Nord — Photographes néerlandais à Paris 1900-1968



Gare du Nord
Photographes néerlandais à Paris 1900-1968

Past: May 24 → July 29, 2012

Paris was where it was at. It was the place to be. For decades the sparkling nightlife and intellectual ferment of the French capital attracted writers and artists from around the world. Among them were Dutch photographers, who flocked to Paris to capture romantic images of life in the streets of city. In this exhibition, pictures snapped by fifty Dutch photographers like Ed van der Elsken, Johan van der Keuken and Maria Austria bring to life the twentieth-century metropolis.

  • Opening Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 9 PM
Institut néerlandais Art center
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121, rue de Lille

75007 Paris

T. 01 53 59 12 40 — F. 01 45 56 00 77

Assemblée Nationale

Opening hours

Every day except Monday, 1 PM – 7 PM

The artists

  • Fred Bonnet
  • Ed Van Der Elsken
  • Johan Van Der Keuken
  • Maria Austria