Gary Colclough — Choreography of Fragments


Drawing, sculpture

Gary Colclough
Choreography of Fragments

Past: March 16 → April 15, 2017

“My work centres around the relationship between drawing and sculpture and the sculptural re-framing of images. Working with images of the landscape I consider how we look at these images, and how they been shaped by various traditions of depiction and brought into our lives.

Working from found photographic images I create drawings that draw on a range of references from across the history of print culture, and then recast these drawings as elements within sculptural arrangements and compositions.

Through these combinations and arrangements I attempt to bridge the narratives that we construct around images with the narratives between the materials and relationships that are used in their display.

I am interested in the possibilities of the space being both an extension of the works themselves but also an environment that is designed especially for them. The painted strips on the walls take their composition from cues in the geometries of the Works. I am attempting to suggest an environment that at once amplifies elements of the works but is also a kind abstracted domestic space, part interior of a modernist painting, part space to live in".

Gary Colclough
  • Opening Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 6:30 PM
La Galerie Particulière Gallery
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  • Gary Colclough