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Geneviève Asse

Past: January 24 → April 11, 2020

Genevieve asse galerie oniris rennes 1 grid Focus Geneviève Asse — Galerie Oniris, Rennes Discover in pictures the Geneviève Asse's exhibition Bleu (Blue) at the Oniris Gallery in Rennes.

According to Geneviève Asse, blue is synonymous with infinity, distance and fullness. For the painter, this hue is the only one which, covering the canvas’s support, also allows to cross it.

It is with painting that the artist fully approaches the theme of opening, of door, of elementary architecture that opens an enclosed space and allows light to infiltrate. This form of opening is given by lines whether horizontal or vertical dividing the canvas in two.

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Vue de l’exposition Art Paris Art Fair, Stand Galerie Oniris, avril 2018 Galerie Oniris

Numerous exhibitions have already revealed the work of Geneviève Asse who, from her early still lifes to the abstraction of her blue canvases, questions and privileges the theme of light.

“Space is composed of summary and sensitive forms that are balanced by mass and light, an architecture is created. »

Geneviève Asse


In his paintings, the artist reveals one of his primary concerns: division. His canvases are as if torn, incised with a fine line, sometimes red, sometimes white, like a scar of light. This recurring division in his work poses the problem of the partition and the meeting of the full and the empty, this essential act for the artist distinguishes two parts on the canvas, to then better seal them in the whole.

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Vue de l’exposition
Genevieve asse bleu oniris2020%20%282%29 1 medium
Vue de l’exposition
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