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Georges Rousse

Past: November 18, 2023 → January 20, 2024

Exhibition closed from December 22nd to January 9th

Galerie Catherine Putman has pleasure in showing an exhibition of works by Georges Rousse.

The display will include photographs and watercolours from his recent projects. And an in situ installation by the artist will be on the walls to enable visitors to understand how he works in space.

As early as 2006 Catherine Putman was the first to show watercolours by Georges Rousse, a French artist internationally recognised for his installations and work using photography. Using an optical approach set up by the creation of forms using anamorphosis, Georges Rousse remodels spaces by defining a unique viewpoint for the spectator. He has furthered this way of working for a number of decades and with extraordinary variety: using painting and making constructions that he calls “archi-sculptures”. He works both inside and outside, in heritage sites (the Citadelle d’Ajaccio), ruins or buildings in the course of renovation (Cancale) or directly, using an immense site crane (Paris).

Galerie catherine putman 12 1 medium
Georges Rousse, Vue de l’exposition Georges Rousse, Couleurs, galerie Catherine Putman, Paris, 2023 Photo : Rebecca Fanuele

His works still at the project stage when they consist of watercolours or photographs showing his installations, feature an explosion of colours. Georges Rousse speaks a universal language thanks to a dominance of geometric form — round, triangle, square, pentagonand — his use of primary and secondary colours.

The exhibition shows unpublished photographs and watercolours from installations made in the last three years. The remarkable quality of the preparatory watercolours for these projects shows the growing importance that the artist awards to this stage in creation and the pleasure he feels when working with paint on paper. He uses watercolour to obtain transparency that echoes the effects sought with regard to light and the depth of space that he uses in his in situ installations. The gallery awards great importance to showing these paintings, envisaging several versions for the same work, and also to the images that are still at the project stage.

Exhibition closed from December 22nd to January 9th

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