Gérard Stricher — Les magiciens et les dieux de la terre



Gérard Stricher
Les magiciens et les dieux de la terre

Past: March 29 → May 28, 2016

Exhibition Outside the Gallery

Recent paintings by the artist will be exhibited at Vetheuil, village inspired generations of artists, Claude Monet who painted the steeple of the church of Vetheuil Joan Michell and Jean-Paul Riopelle.

At first glance we are impressed by his works, their rich and vivid colors.

Gérard Stricher composes his telluric and sensual painting by using vibrant colors, expressive energy and violent automatisms.

The color prevails. The shades mix.

In these almost abstract works, only remains the unclear outline of a face, a vague and distorted silhouette, two eyes perhaps, or rather two rings, a face or its mark, its souvenir or what is left from the violent gesture of the painter.

His technique creates a rich and dense appearance, lays bare a complex texture, which enlivens the surface of his paintings.

The artist plays with the hot yellow of sun light, the green of pulsating life, the deep blue of the sea, the red of blood.

A communicative energy emerges from his works to immerse us in the vivid colors, giving a chaotic impression.

His characters seem to share their astonishment at the world, with their eyes wide open.

His paintings often include many literary references such as the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine…

Influenced by Bengt Lindström, Asger Jorn and Corneille, he found inspiration in Nordic folk art, primitive art and children’s drawing, as much as in expressionism.


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