Gérard Uféras — Sur le fil du rêve



Gérard Uféras
Sur le fil du rêve

Past: May 25 → July 3, 2013

Seams of Dreams is an extensive photographic overview of the most beautiful French couture houses, produced since 1998.

Master at rendering the vibrancy and details of fabrics, expert in composition, Gérard Uféras does not merely document. Through his lens, he glorifies what he sees. His art is based on his virtuosity to underline a contour, to sketch a silhouette or trace a bodice.

An informed observer, he is a shadowy, ghost-like figure, who captures secret moments and hidden stories — from fittings to the sweet languor or euphoria of the fashion shows. Thanks to his use of chiaroscuro, the artist exalts bodies and feminine profiles. Women exist through tulle, velvet and silk.

In 2009, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie exhibited États de grâce, a twenty-years retrospective. A year later, his exhibition Paris d’amour organized by the Paris City Hall received over 60 000 visitors. On the occasion of his latest book, Dior, 30, avenue Montaigne Galerie Polka looks back at the fashion photographs of this dream maker.

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