Gerhard Doehler — Cercles et chromophores


Installation, painting, sculpture

Gerhard Doehler
Cercles et chromophores

Past: October 1 → November 21, 2020

Gerhard Doehler’s solo exhibition highlights Chromophores and Circles, two series of works resulting from research on colour and matter.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter a space occupied by Gerhard Doehler is the lightness, the brightness, the coloured vibrations of the rooms and the space.

The supports are varied, but all of them are very simple shapes: lines, squares, but above all circles. These forms do not in themselves evoke anything particular, do not refer to any object, to any function, which would allow them to be identified or even compared. As for the colours, they are reduced to a few strokes, to rather small surfaces, sometimes, at first glance, we do not even see them if we perceive them. In order to give these vibrations brought by the colour and light emanating from his circles, the artist goes through a work that presupposes rigorous execution.

Dohler%20cercle%20jaune%20blanka 1 medium
Gerhard Doehler, Sans titre, 2008 Acrylique et vernis sur aluminium — 60 cm de diamètre Galerie Oniris Rennes

These unique works, although they are all in volume and relief, are to be appreciated mainly as a “canvas”. Indeed, for Gerhard Doehler, his works are not really paintings in the usual sense, but their lightness prevents them from being seen as sculptures or objects. This is Gerhard Doehler’s original approach, which cannot fit in with the “optical”, “constructed” or any other movement inscribed in contemporary art, but here a colourist’s work is put forward, associating the colour of the painting with the luminosity of the material.

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38 Rue d’Antrain

35700 Rennes

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Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
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