Giancarlo Scaglia — Artissima 2014


Drawing, installation, painting, video

Giancarlo Scaglia
Artissima 2014

Past: November 7 → 9, 2014

Giancarlo Scaglia (1981 — Lima)

The work of Scaglia reinterprets various events of the armed conflicts which arose in Peru between the 80s and 90. His interest for the recontextualisation of these events in the field of the art led him to question origin of the avant-gardes and to wonder what determines that an action or that a gesture is considered as art or not.

Since 2008, Giancarlo Scaglia manages the Revolver project in Lima, platform for the production and the presentation of projects of contemporary art on the international scene.

Stellar — Night-Map (2011-2014)

In Antiquity, the constellations allowed not only to recognize the change of seasons but also to for see the future — a way which allowed to get ready, without fear, for what was going to come by having the knowledge of what it had produced in past.

After three years of search in situ on the island of El Fronton — Small island of the Pacific off the coast of El Callao in Peru known under the name of Devil’s Island — what had begun with a study of the natural landscape was transformed into a plastic analysis of the passage of time on the action of the man, in what we can consider as a contemporary ruin.

The only protagonists who are left by the massacre of 1986 are the impacts of bullets the on walls. By their risky character, they generate a code who when I read it reminds me of the constellations. The island speaks to me about its past and it is in this dialogue between her and me that I look for answers to our future.

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