Grégory Derenne — Sunlights



Grégory Derenne

Past: May 12 → June 7, 2012

The subtle contrast between light and dark gives birth to chiaroscuro.
In order to capture these subtleties, Grégory Derenne slips backstage on TV sets and steps into churches. Investing in these sites as if they were pictoral subjects, he plays with the intensity of light to reveal or not their intrinsic elements.

Television sets are isolated from the world with heavy light projectors hanging over them. The raw light blurs the visibility of beings and things.
Too much brightness cancels out the relief and to counteract so much brilliance, a flat dense zone of darkness, where the interiour elements create the picture, is needed.

Churches make welcome the sunlight which appears as dancing colors through stain-glassed windows. In such a dim atmosphere the objects lose their outlines. With misleading reflections the motifs disappear and the over-exposure contributes to a vanishing effect. The architecture remains and the linear passages structure the composition like the pillars of a monument.

Emerging from the darkness of the black canvas, the light can appear blinding, blurring the lines and the details, proposing nothing more than a few salvatory spaces. At the heart of this half-light, a glimmer makes place for the shadows necessary to reveal the scene.

Traduction Justine Rousseau

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