Grégory Derenne — Un air d’aujourd’hui



Grégory Derenne
Un air d’aujourd’hui

Past: April 17 → May 31, 2014

Gregory derenne escalator grid Gregory Derenne — Galerie Bertrand Grimont En 2010, Gregory Derenne marquait durablement les esprits lors de son exposition à la galerie Bertrand Grimont avec une série dédié... 3 - Bravo Critique

The Bertrand Grimont Gallery exhibits Grégory Derenne’s new paintings. On that occasion, the artist will be present and art critique Hector Obalk will do a presentation.

“I concede that Derenne doesn’t care about his subject, and I concede that his paintings of the Métro don’t bear the mark of a social message and that his paintings of churches don’t bear that of religious fervor. But still, his painting of the Madeleine metro station is as magnificent as his church interiors : a magnificence without irony, pathos or frigidity, where sincere paradoxes emerge. The modern view of a church of the past and the almost religious vision of an escalator in the metro — paradoxes that I enjoy so much.”

Hector Obalk (“The subtle ignorant”, Le Cahier Dessiné, March, 2014)

  • Opening Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 6 PM
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