Hard Flowers


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Hard Flowers

Past: May 14 → June 18, 2016

“A work of art is like a bubble rising to the sea surface, the empirical evidence of subterranean and inaudible linguistics, and that only the ones above sea level can perceive and get busy making sense out of — in order to praise.”


Hard Flowers echoes untempered forms of germinations, an ecosystem showing anomalies in the frequency response of the acoustics, an effort to become off-centre, a parasitic communication that grows and proliferates from below as it can’t take off.

Far from heading in the direction of spiritual gardening, a materialistic irony emerges from all propositions: a need to re- embrace — in a context we would qualify as being fluid, immaterial — the idea of a « hardened » metaphor, implies to turn the rhizome into a potential projectile.

The projectile is, just like the stone flower, rootless. Just like the signal broadcasted by a transmitter, it can become distorted, deteriorated in the movement it makes to reach the receiver. These wandering signals, bearers of heaviness and toxic occupation force, simultaneously bring into play obstruction and transmission, germination and interruption, contact and impact, failure and constructive assumption.

Hard Flowers is an exhibition at irregular intervals. It shows similar gaps to the ones spacing the series of impacts made by ricochets, some contacts similar to the waves they draw and end up meeting.

Clara Guislain
  • Opening Saturday, May 14, 2016 6 PM → 10 PM
Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery Gallery
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