Herman de Vries — Transit


Drawing, installation

Herman de Vries

Past: March 3 → April 20, 2012

Herman De Vries is a Dutch artist born in 1931. Since the 1960s, he has developped a critical way of thinking regarding the social context. Following many travels, particularly in the east, he looks for new relations with the nature : exhibitions of plants collected during trips, collections of found stones or dried flowers, scrubbing of earth from various origins on square shaped papers. Such devices aim at " objectifying chance ". Thereby the arrangement of natural elements is obtained at research random. De Vries sets his science in the service of art so as to teach everyone how to see. De facto he acts as the revelation of our environment.

For his personal exhibition “Transit”, Herman De Vries invites us to discover how this theme of “transit”, of impermanence, has occupied his work for fifty years.

“Transit is the word used to describe the strange space and interval in which we modern travellers sometimes find ourselves ; between one airplane and another, we are being guided around almost normal flows of people and objects in an airport, as if we had to be put into quarantine for a while. We take a walk in a space out of reality, as if it were a modern rite of passage.”

Cornelis de boer


the process of being
the process of destruction
(de struction)
the process of becoming

the being of the process
de struction as process
(as part of “the process”)
becoming of being
being of becoming

the process as process
the process a being
the being as process

de struction
and re ligion

(re ligion as
be coming being)
and being as …"

Herman De Vries

  • Opening Saturday, March 3, 2012 8 PM → 4 PM
Aline Vidal Gallery Gallery
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  • Herman de Vries