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Drawing, painting, mixed media

Herta Müller

Past: February 14 → March 15, 2014

Herta Müller lives and works in Berlin. This selection enhances the two expressions of her work. As a matter of fact, if landscape is her permanent subject of inspiration, she enjoys varying her pictorial processes.

Her painting can be distinguished by a pallet of light colours, a waxed background of delicate shades, where space prevails, punctuated by signs. Where the colour is fuller and stronger, the path of the brush becomes deliberately more visible, always perfectly controlled.

It is in landscape that Herta Müller draws out the matter of her work . Not that her paintings, or her drawings, are inspired by it but because they seem, on the contrary, to originate it. What she draws — the incisive, sinuous, fluctuating line , is her vocabulary — concentrates, in an economic and sensitive manner, the memory of her world peregrinations, and the corporal sensation she has maintained.

There is, in her way of painting, an allusion, unostentatious, to say “I was there” that gives all its strength to her works.

Art, for Herta Müller, is in line with experience: the one, that when lived, transformes you.

So, from one painting to an other, the artist lays out her path: that ephemeral trail one leaves behind, the brief poetical inscription of our presence to the world, the wake.

Pierre Wat
  • Opening Thursday, February 13, 2014 6 PM → 8 PM
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