Highlight Park, Julien Colombier



Highlight Park, Julien Colombier

Past: February 16 → April 14, 2012

“I paint as an act of appropriation of reality”

Julien Colombier’s creative system is multidirectional. For the show Highlight Park, the artist invents a half pipe in the gallery space as a redefinition of sculpture experience. From Culture Skate, Julien Colombier questions the alternative practices of urban space with the notion of development as aesthetic way. By a complex graphic technique, he uses chalks to invade areas as diverse as paper, canvas, wall .. the skate track…

Repetition of figures — waves, flowers or trees — drawn in bright colors and shadows Highlight produce a sensation of time suspended as in a fairy tale. Colors, patterns and shapes come together in an illusionist space.

Daniel Voyant
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