Hoël Duret — La Vie Héroïque de B. S. : Un opéra en 3 actes, 2013-2015


Sculpture, video

Hoël Duret
La Vie Héroïque de B. S. : Un opéra en 3 actes, 2013-2015

Past: May 24 → June 12, 2016

In this video-opera, Hoël Duret shows us the investigative journey of a fictional character named B.S., a capricious designer and awkward heir to some of the rational principles that modernity has left us. B.S. is a winner and accepts a final challenge, to redesign the chicken egg. The decidedly ‘60s esthetic hesitates between DIY and design, teeming with allusions to postwar industrial works while heralding the failure of modernist thinking, fascinated with its hero. The three acts were filmed at as many exhibitions that were laid out like film sets (Frac Pays de la Loire, the Mosquito Coast Factory, and the Zoo Galerie).


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Video, 45 min

  • Hoël Duret, La Vie Héroïque de B.S., 2013-2015 — Projection et rencontre Meeting Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 6:45 PM

    Free admission, booking required : limited seating!

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