How Do You Know Tomorrow Has Started If There’s No Night?


Installation, painting, poetry, sculpture...

How Do You Know Tomorrow Has Started If There’s No Night?

Past: June 23 → 25, 2017


Dawn as truth, as irreversibility,
Sleep as crime, as a denial of witness,
While the prisoner of time drifts in the storm
of Saturn’s hexagon
Unfettered from Calypso’s captivity
Provided with nectar and breath of the fair wind
Declined the divinity
In favour of observing a fixed number of daybreaks
Cassini’s raft will be met again soon
Solstice Mission accomplished effectually
Though Night Watch is feasible just in « Night on Earth »
Promises and oaths are equal to nonsense
If one saw no sunrise
While tripping in the universal wakeful space


Exposure will capture the 17 on the 21st in the 18th facing the east
Or perhaps it already has
On the lightest length
Through the puffs of smoke
And waltzing shadows
Reflected in distorted mirrors
That have absorbed the hole into wonderland
Of a perforated globe
Someone has eavesdropped a secret plan of escape
From the nightmare of participation
After climbing on the burning mountain
And drew it on a napkin
Put into the trash afterwards

  • Opening Friday, June 23, 2017 at 10 AM
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