Incense Route — La nouvelle vague d’art contemporain saoudien


Mixed media

Incense Route
La nouvelle vague d’art contemporain saoudien

Past: October 10 → 13, 2017

Under the direction of the MiSK Art Institute and the Saudi artist Ahmed Mater, and in collaboration with UNESCO, 36 works by 30 Saudi artists are exhibited.

Misk art medium
Abdullah AlOthman


The notion of culture and cultural heritage at the heart of contemporary Saudi creations.

Carrying sacred messages in their work, the artists of this exhibition follow the tradition of their Arabian ancestors. Those who mastered the incense route, and overcome the hardship of the desert to deliver their frankinense, and other sacred goods, to Roman, Persian, and old Egyptian temples; carrying back an enriched experience formed by their ability to appreciate and accept cultural difference throughout this journey. However, this exhibition delivers new concerns carrying with it other forms of sacred goods. It works seeks an understand- ing for the changing value of the human being in the globalization era, and wonders about the new forms and the alternative routes of that ancient tradition of cross cultural exchange. Particularly under the influence of modernization and advanced technology. Where do these new routes lead Saudis and others to? It rethinks
the importance of defending the cultural significance under the new circumstances, and questions the result of holding sacredly into one’s tradition in threatening the homogeneity of our global world. The exhibition features a selection of more than 30 young Saudi artists to discover the unexpected richness of this emerging cultural scene that is gradually opening up to the world. Witnessing the rapid and contradictory changes that emanate from the country, they offer us a unique image of KSA from the inside, contrary to stereotypes. 17 artists will be on hand to present their works and exchange with visitors.

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Maisa Shaldan, Success Story

The Misk Foundation

Misk Art Institute at the service of the MiSK Foundation to create a new cultural model in Saudi Arabia The mission of the Misk Foundation, created by the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is to promote the talents of tomorrow and to help them build and develop their creative potential and achieve their ambitions. At the instigation of the Misk Foundation, the Misk Art Institute, chaired by the renowned artist Ahmed Mater, aims to inspire, train and value young artists and cultural leaders of Saudi Arabia, while highlighting the wealth of Saudi cultural scene as the emergence of a Saudi creative industry. Revealing the Saudi scene in France, building bridges between the two artistic scenes, and encouraging meetings and dialogue between young Saudi artists and their French counterparts are the motivations behind this exhibition.

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Abdullah AlOthman
Le Hall Ségur de l'Unesco Independant
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The artists

  • Abdullah Al Othman
  • Fahad Al Gethami
  • Maisa Shaldan
  • Marwah Al Mugait
  • Musaed Alhulis
  • Nojoud Al Sudairi
  • Nora Alissa
  • Rashid Al Shashai
  • Talal Alzaid
  • Tarfa Fahad