Inframince — Exposition consacrée à la création sonore


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Exposition consacrée à la création sonore

Past: January 17 → February 5, 2017

European Pépinières for young artists renew their partnership with the Hippocrene Foundation and present a new exhibition centered on sound creation. Tremendous space for research and questioning, the sound material intrigues music artists as well as plastic artists, who experiment it in different ways.

Intangible perception, sound has always produced visual through the imagination it emits. In the absence of necessarily having images in front of us, we produce some listening to noises and music. Some artists try to base themselves on the sound material to release a visual creation. Today, the interactions between the visual and sound arts go beyond illustrating the sound or accompanying visual as it has long been the case. Henceforth, one aspect can serve as a basis for producing the other. The seven artists presented in this exhibition experience the creation of sound through the visual and vice versa.

Inframince, an aesthetic concept created by Marcel Duchamp that he designates as “an imperceptible or sometimes only imaginable difference or interval between two phenomena” immerses the spectator in a sonorous and visual path.


Curator: Valentine Busquet

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Julie Destombes
  • Exposition Inframince — Les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes présentent Inframince, consacrée à la création sonore Opening Tuesday, January 17, 2017 6 PM → 11 PM
93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom in 93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom out

La Fabrique des Pépinières à la Maison de l’Arbre, 5-9 rue François Debergue

93100 Montreuil

T. 01 55 86 08 80

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The artists

  • Benoît Pype
  • Haythem Zakaria
  • Jeanne Briand
  • Mathias Isouardh
  • Julien Poidevin
  • Le Duo D’artistes Scenocosme
  • Lukas Truniger