Invitations à l’imaginaire — Pour un design des usages sociaux



Invitations à l’imaginaire
Pour un design des usages sociaux

Past: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 7 PM

Michel Maffesoli invites Rémy Bourganel, professor, and Stéphane Hugon, CEAQ member and director of the research company Eranos.

The challenge of the new technologies is not, needless to say, essentially economic, but anthropological. How are the new societal configurations defined, which, in a fertile interaction, define the people and the technologies which they promote and through which they are promoted?

In what imaginary configuration are contemporary social and relational forms situated?

How are the dynamics of the appropriation and hijacking of the new technologies applied?

How can we talk about a design not only of objects but also of services, interactions between people, and technologies?

Rémy Bourganel, a former student at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where he currently runs a research laboratory (ENSADLab), has developed a body of work about innovation based on the experience of users, in major French and international companies, in particular in the digital field (Nokia, Orange, Philips…)

Stéphane Hugon, with a PhD in sociology, is working on the new technologies in the university environment (CEAQ) and as a consultant (Eranos). His work broaches technology not as a defining factor of social uses, but, on the contrary, as a social form in which uses, users and technologies all interact.

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